Friday, March 1, 2013

February Giveaway

Pixies Designs Penguin - Mei Ling Liu

 Pretty Pens by Sara - Renee T Duffield

Pixies Designs a free random bow w/ purchase -  Becca Shaffer

Mickies Marvelous Mini's 2 free entries - Kathy Kellum Taylor

Wikyd Hearts - Judi Farris

 Pixies Designs 20%off - Michele Graser

Creative Creations hair flower - Stachia Tillman

Snapshots by Shannon - Chris Barrett

Pixies Designs free bow with tutu - NO ENTRIES

Melissa's Design Studio Renee T Duffield 

Bentley Photography - Tyler Ashton Demart

Joyful yarns crochet - Juanita A May

Pixies Designs cupcake - Ariana Martinez

Ellie Beautiful Bows -Amber Hebron

Special Surprise Fan appreciate prize (pink penguin you pay shipping) 
 - Claudette Lariviere

[to get this prize i put all the "page shares" into - thank you all for your participation]


Friday, July 27, 2012

Spongebob game update!

Bingo (spongebob edition)

**everyone who is participating in this game get 10% off their order until

 the game is over with. please note that you must be active in the game 

by commenting & liking to receive this 


Everyone has listed their 5 spongebob characters below the status I have

 provided. Entries close at 5pm, 7/27/2012. Starting this day I will post a

 status & blog with the character of the day.

I will choose the character of the day by using  I have listed all

 the characters on a sheet & put numbers next to those names. Whatever

 number gives me, the character next to that number is character

 of the day

Please check back to Pixies Designs every day to see if your character that you

 listed has been called. If so, please "like" the status & comment below with a

 smiley face or the name or both.. 

                    for example          
Pixies Designs: Spongebob Squarepants
          (your name) :) spongebob!
           (jane doe)  :)                   
           (john smith) spongebob

This way I know your paying attention to the game.. It also helps gain more

 activity on my page.

Once I have announced the last name on your list please comment below that

 status with "its the best day ever!"  - this is equivalent to "BINGO" & I will

 then check your log to make sure you have indeed had the best day ever!

                          for example
Pixies Designs: Patrick Star          
         (jane doe): patrick star  
         (your name): ITS THE BEST DAY EVER!
         (john doe): ITS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!

              *you would win because you posted  its the best day ever  first 

 I will be posting everyone's names on this update because i know you can

 now edit comments. - just so everything stays fair! If you've won I will let

you know & you will be posted on here as the winner. Please let me know 

which hat you have chosen & what size, colors, ext.  You can choose dog hats,

 children hats, or adult hats. this is anywhere from a $13 - $25 value not

 including the shipping which I am also taking care of. This is Completely free 

to you. 

  I will post every day from 5pm - 10pm  - i will try to do this around the same

 time every day but it might not always be possible. 

you must be a fan to win 
this giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with facebook 
participant is providing info to PIXIES DESIGNS not to facebook 
by participating you are releasing facebook completely

Kelsi W  Spongebob, Sandy, Patrick, Gary, & Mr. Krabs.
Michelle M  Spongebob, patrick, squidward, sandy, mr.krabs
Michele G   Plankton, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Mrs. Puff
Heather C  Spongebob, Mr Krabs, Patrick, Mrs Puff and Squidward
Alicia R SpongeBob~~Patrick~~Squidw
Nakeisha E   Patrick~Mrs. Puff~Gary~Mr. Krabs~Sponge Bob
Elizabeth O  Pearl...Squidward...Gary..
Lori L    Spongebob, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Mrs. Puff
Tasha W   Mr crabs, sandy, plankton, squidward, and patrick
Angela S    Patrick, Squidward, Mrs. Pearl, Gary, Spongebob
Sabrina TG  Larry...Gary...Squidward..
Cassandra M   Patrick,Squidward,plankton
Lynneea B   plankton, spo/
Lori SC    Spongebob----Patrick----Mr
s. Puff-----Pearl------Gary 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Spongebob Game!

So on my page Pixies Designs... I promised to make a game that lasted a couple weeks to win a free hat.  So here I am posting this game.... Most of it will be played on facebook but I'm keeping the rules & the announcing of the winner on my Pixies Designs Blog so that I'm following the rules.

The way I'm going to be playing this game is like bingo but spongebob edition. (yes, i had direct t.v. so I was in total spongebob withdrawal till today) Everyone will list your 5 spongebob character (only reoccurring characters please) on a specific status. I will make sure everyone knows that its the one they need to list the 5 characters they are using.  I will give a deadline... I must have AT LEAST 10 participants. Once the deadline is over I will start calling a character once per day... I will try to do it around the same time each day. All I ask is that if I call a character on your list, you comment on it with a smiley under the status with your spongebob characters name (example: I call spongebob, and you have him on your list, you comment under it 'spongebob :) )

Once i have announced all 5 of your characters the first person to comment "its the best day ever! (equivalent to BINGO)" will win a free customized crochet hat of their choice with free shipping.

The way that I will make sure this is fair is that I will personally write down each spongebob character next to a number... then i will use

I can't wait to play!  YOU MUST BE A FAN TO WIN!

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook

participant is providing information to Pixies Designs and not to Facebook

By participating you are releasing Facebook completely.